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Fom: Joanne Musa

RE: Your Investment Portfolio

Do you worry about losing money in your investment portfolio every time the stock market goes south?

What if you had investments that weren’t tied to the stock market, or the real estate market… What if you had investments that made the same guaranteed rate of return no matter what the stock market or the real estate market did?

If your idea of investing for retirement is buy hold and pray then your nest egg could look like this when you’re ready to retire:

Is that what you’ve been working so hard for all of these years?

What if there was a way that you could protect your nest egg and stay ahead of inflation?

Are You Concerned About Your Financial Future?

Let me ask you a question… How good would it feel if you never had to lose sleep over your investments again, or worry  about losing your money, no matter what was going on in the markets and the economy?

Imagine This….. wouldn’t be amazing if you had access to an investment that gave you guaranteed interest rates and was backed by a real asset, not just paper.

Think about that for a moment… never having to worry about your retirement again and having peace of mind about your investments, because your money is invested safely and does not depend on what’s going on with the markets or the economy.

The Wealthy Have Been Using This Secret Investment Strategy For Decades

Robert Kiyosaki mentions it in his best seller,  Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Robert Allen talks about it in his best seller Multiple Streams of Income. Maybe you have heard about it before, but you just didn’t understand how it works or how you can take advantage of it. I’m talking about investing in high yielding Tax Lien Certificates.  Until recently this investment strategy has been the secret of the very rich, but it’s always been available to anyone. Anyone can take advantage of this extremely profitable investment, you just need to know how.

The best part is…  I’m going to share it with you right now today.

Are You Ready?

If you’re not already familiar with tax lien certificates or tax deeds, or you’re aware of what tax lien investing is but just don’t know how to really profit from it, then you’re in the right place because I’ll explain it to you step by step.

Here’s How You Too Can Make a Tremendous Profit From Tax Lien Certificates

Counties and municipalities need the revenue they get from property taxes to meet their budget. They need to be able to pay civil servants, like firemen, policemen, elected officials, and school teachers and administrators. They also need this money to maintain roads and township buildings. They need a way to collect unpaid property taxes and one of the ways that some states use to do this is to “sell” unpaid property taxes to investors.

When you purchase a tax lien, you are not purchasing the property, in fact you have no ownership in the property at all. You are paying the taxes (plus any penalties that have been assessed to the property owner) and putting a lien on the property. The lien that is placed on the property is a very special type of lien. Just like a local government lien, it is in first position, even before a mortgage. That means that if anything should happen and the property owner is not be able to pay the lien, the tax lien holder has first right to any monies from the property. In fact in most tax lien states the lien holder can foreclose on the property if the tax lien isn’t satisfied within a certain period of time.

What makes tax liens so attractive to investors, besides the fact that it’s a first position lien, is the interest and penalties that the investor is entitled to when the lien redeems. The interest earned on a tax lien certificate is specified by state laws. Sometimes the rate is bid down at the tax sale (these sales are typically conducted as auctions) but the default, or statutory rate, can be quite high. In one state the statutory rate is 18% every 6 months – that’s 36% per year!

“Her Guidance Is Top Notch!”

“If you are looking for a solution to Tax Lien and Deed investing you’not ve come to the right place with The Tax Lien Lady.  I started my search years ago with other providers without a single result, until I found Joanne Musa. Her coaching program has delivered, and her guidance is top notch.”

Steven Iltz, Airline Pilot, Oregon

So How Do You Profit From Tax Lien Certificates?

There are a few things that you need to know. And you could spend a lot of money and time trying to learn all of the things that go into building a profitable tax lien portfolio. Things like how to:

  • find out when and where the tax sales are, and which are the best ones for you to attend

  • get the tax sale lists

  • do your due diligence on tax sale properties

  • register to bid at the tax sale

  • bid on the right properties

  • record your liens with the county clerk

  • pay subsequent taxes

  • organize and track your tax liens

  • foreclose or sell your liens

When you buy more courses and spend more time learning, without doing anything, you are LOSING MONEY!

That’s why I created a no nonsense breakthrough system to help you build your own profitable tax lien or tax deed portfolio. I’m known online as the most trusted authority in America on tax lien investing. That’s because I got sick and tired of all the hype and fluff that’s being propagated about tax lien investing on the internet, and in a lot of seminars and courses.

So I conducted a live training where I taught my own students, people just like you from around the world, my secrets on how to be a successful tax lien investor. I recorded all of the lessons so that I could make the entire course available to anyone who wants to learn the real secrets of making money with tax liens. I’ve created a training unlike you’ve ever seen. You see, I’ve added a unique twist to this training which has been the missing element in most of the courses out there. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Want To Know How You Too Can Double, Triple, or Even
Quadruple YOUR Return On Your Investment?

To Invest PROFITABLY in Tax Lien Certificates or Tax Deeds You need to do follow these 7 steps:

Zero in on the type of investment you want and Identify the best areas for you to invest based on YOUR investment goals.

Find out where and when the tax sales are held and get the tax sale information including the list of properties in the sale

Research the properties in the tax sale and determine which are the best properties for you to invest in

Prepare to attend your first tax sale, whether your attending in person or online

Decide on your bidding strategy and show up and bid!

Take the steps necessary to protect your investment and maximize your return

Learn my advanced strategies that will let you profit faster from tax liens and tax deeds without the competition of bidding at the tax sale



This key process will help you develop a profitable tax lien or tax deed portfolio. You will avoid the risks and maximize your profits!

Move Beyond the Stock Market and Take Action Now To….


Get the Tax Sale List

Do Due Diligence on Tax Sale Properties

Bid Successfully at the Tax Sale

Imagine Getting Returns Of… 10, 14, 18, 36% or More On Your Money?

“Easy to understand language”

I was wondering how I would learn about this subject. Being sold $2000.00 packages didn’t seem like an option to me. After seeing your web site I felt like you are first and foremost into this subject. You respond in easy to understand language. I felt like your response was coming from someone I already knew.

Laurie Zacco, Florida


I Will Help You Build Your Own Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio

As you start to invest in tax liens, you may get lost along the way. Most investors new to tax liens make these mistakes:

  • spend too much time doing diligence on properties that won’t even be in the tax sale

  • don’t do proper due diligence on the tax sale properties before they bid

  • don’t pay the subsequent taxes on their liens

  • don’t know what paper work they need

  • don’t have the proper form of payment for the tax sale and lose liens they would have won

  • don’t register in time to participate in the tax sale

And I could on and on.

That’s why I decided to take the pain out of learning to invest in tax liens – and give a hands on workshop, and then record everything to make it available as a home study course!

“I found the information that I was looking for”

I have been to many tax lien websites and paid hundreds of dollars trying to learn how to invest in tax liens without making costly mistakes, but I still didn’t get the information I needed. Then I found taxlienlady.com and found the information that I was looking for. The Tax Lien Lady is very straightforward and doesn’t give you the fluff about getting rich quick. I feel so blessed to have the information from The Tax Lien Lady to confidently invest in tax liens.

Anna Long-Middleton, New York

What Is The Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio System?

That’s a good question. This system is over 8 hours of intense training on exactly how to build a profitable tax portfolio of tax lien certficates, tax deeds, or redeemable tax deeds. Unlike a lot of other courses out there, I give you real world examples and walk you through everything step by step. Plus you get a Bonus Coaching Session to help you get started, In your private telephone coaching session with me I’ll help you:

  • Choose the best place to invest

  • Get the tax sale list

  • Plan your next steps

And on the exclusive student website you’ll have access to the Online Home Study course where you’ll get everything you need to buy profitable tax liens –

  • Complete Instructions to do your due diligence so you’ll avoid the pitfalls and have a profitable portfolio from the start

  • links to websites where you can get information on properties to help you with your due diligence

  • Sample Forms and Excel Spreadsheets

  • You’ll know how to prepare to bid at the tax sale to maximize your success

  • You’ll learn how to protect your investment and maximize your profit

Plus you’ll have access to the Recordings of Live Webinar Training Classes –

  • Handouts and Checklists so that you’ll know what do to every step of the way

  • Audios for each lesson so that you can download the audios to your iPod or mp3 player and listen on the go

  • Q & A Recordings so that you get the benefit of the questions and the experience of the other students

What’s Included in the
Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio System?

Audio Recordings, Handout, and Resource Materials for all 8 Lessons to De-mystify the process of Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing

Lesson 1: “Tax Lien Investing Basics” ($197 Value)

Lesson 2: “Finding The Tax Sale Information” ($197 Value)

Lesson 3: “Due Diligence For Tax Sale Properties” ($197 Value)

Lesson 4: “Preparing For Your First Tax Sale” ($197 Value)

Lesson 5: “Bidding Procedures and Strategies” ($197 Value)

Lesson 6: “Protecting Your Investment” ($197 Value)

Lesson 7: “Cashing in on Your Investment” ($197 Value)

Lesson 8: “Advance Strategies” ($197 Value)

A Total Value Of $1576.00….

And I Didn’t Stop There – I Went Beyond The Basic

Audio And Video And I Included

These Valuable Step-by-Step Tutorials:

Bonus Video #1: “Choosing Where to Invest” 

Bonus Video #2: “Finding Out About Tax Sales”

Bonus Videos #3-10: 7 Videos on “Due Diligence”

Bonus Video #11: “Registering For The Tax Sale”

Bonus Video #12: “Bidding At The Tax Sale”

Bonus Video #13: “Protecting Your Investment” 

Bonus Video #14: “Automating Your Tax Lien Business”

Bonus Video #15:  “Cashing in on Your Investment”

Bonus Video #16:  “Three Ways To Profit From Tax Liens”

Bonus Video #17:  “Investing With A Self-Directed IRA”

Bonus Video #18:  “Virtual Courthouse Riches”

 Plus… You Get Lifetime Updates At No Extra Cost!

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Bonus Gift #1: 2 Months Free subscription to TaxLienLady.com Members Area – $194

You get access not only to the coaching course recordings, but to all of Tax Lien Lady’s Member Trainings in Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area. Plus you’ll have access to resources and special reports that are for members only for 2 full months, including access to TaxLienLady-database.com, where you can do custom searches to find out what tax sales are coming, get all of the county links you need to do your due diligence, and get the tax sale lists.

Bonus Gift #2: Buying Tax Liens Online – 5+ hours – $297

This is my flagship training for online investing. Only a few states have online tax lien sales. And even in those states, not every county or municipality has an online tax sale. So how do you find out which tax sales are online and when they’re held?

This online course is accessed through it’s own member site that is constantly updated, since more and more counties have online tax sales each year. And it comes with a Guide To Online Tax Lien Sales, that lists all of the websites for all of the online tax sales.

Did I mention you get this $297.00 course for FREE today when you enroll in Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio? Yup, you get it for FREE TODAY!

Bonus Gift #3: One Hour of Coaching – $297 Value

Need Extra Help? I’m available!

Need help with specific questions about building your own profitable tax lien or tax deed portfolio? You get a 2 – 30 minute coaching sessions with me. During these sessions, I’ll answer your most important questions about tax lien investing and I’ll help you get started on building your own profitable portfolio of tax liens or tax deeds.

My usual consulting fee is $297.00 per hour, but you get these sessions for free!

Bonus Gift #4: Online Tax Deed Sales – 2 hours of training – $97

This online course describes the online tax deed sales and shows you how to do your due diligence for tax deeds online. It comes with a checklist and lifetime updates.

Bonus Gift #5: Tracking Your Liens – 1 hour – $49

This online study course shows you how to track your liens and automate your tax lien investing. This course is not sold separately and is only available with select programs from TaxLienLady.com.

That’s $1,044.00 In Real World Bonuses, An Additional 9+ Hours of Pure Step-by-Step, How To Information You Get Right Now, Today!

“My Return Is Exponential”

“Thanks Joanne for guiding me through the whole process of tax deed/lien purchase. Michigan was a perfect spot for me since I reside in Ontario. The course I bought from you was one of the best investments I’ve made, my return is exponential.”

Alvaro Perez, Real Estate Investor, Ontario Canada

Imagine Having The Tools You Need And Step-By-Step Instruction At Your Finger Tips!

That’s exactly what you’ll get every time you log in to the student site for the Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio System where you will have instant access to the lessons and all of the bonuses.

So The Question Is… What Does It Cost To Start Building Your Profitable Portfolio of Tax Liens or Tax Deeds?

Remember, we’re talking a total of 17 hours of hard core tax lien investing training. This is not your typical training system that you’ll find anywhere else. Why… because this system works!

Here’s what you’ll receive… 

  • Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio System 8 Hours
  • BONUS: BTLO (Buying Tax Liens Online) 5+ Hours
  • BONUS: Online Tax Deed Sales 2 Hours
  • BONUS: Tracking Your Liens 1 Hour
  • BONUS: One-On-One Coaching 1Hour
  • BONUS: Tax Lien Lady’s Members Area Subscription 2 Months

That’s 17 Hours of Step-by-Step, How To Information For Only $997 Today!

Yes! I’m ready to Build My Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio!

I realize that I’ll get instant access to the Build Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio Student site with 8 complete webinar trainings, step-by-step training tutorials, manuals, checklists and bonus documents. I want in right now!

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