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Larry Goins

Visionary, CEO, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, and Educator

Larry has been investing in real estate for over 20 years. Previously, Larry served as president of the Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association in Charlotte NC, a not-for-profit organization that has over 350 members and is the local chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association. Larry is an active real estate investor and travels throughout the United States speaking and training audiences at conventions, expos, and Real Estate Investment Associations on his strategies for buying and selling houses. Larry has also written several books on real estate investing that are available wherever books are sold. Larry and Kandas are also the host of the BRAG Radio Show. BRAG is all about using real estate to Be Rich And Generous.

Between speaking engagements and mentoring other investors, Larry oversees the daily operations of his investing business that wholesales properties, seller finances properties and holds properties for investment.

On a personal note,  Larry and his wife, Pam, have two children, Linda and Noah. He also has a grand daughter, Ember. They are a member of New River Community Church in Lake Wylie, SC. As a husband, father, businessman, and real estate investor, Larry holds true to his core values and moral integrity.  His personal and business motto is, “People and principles before profits.”



Kandas Broome

Sales and Events Director

(803) 831-2544

Kandas began her career with Larry in June of 2004 as a loan officer with Financial Help Services, Inc. Kandas has contributed for years to the speaking and training industry in many capacities including event planning, coordination, direction, marketing, office management, operations, executive administration, sales, and more. At The Goins Group, Kandas manages the sales and marketing efforts, co-hosts with Larry on his radio show, travels often, and serves as Larry’s personal assistant in addition to all her other responsibilities.

Kandas is extremely organized and thrives on being able to increase efficiency and productivity through establishing procedures, policies, and systems.  She is a strategic thinker with high energy and is very passionate about a dedication to excellence with everything she touches.  Kandas said, “I feel very blessed to be a part of Larry’s team.  The company is truly a family and something I wouldn’t trade for anything.  The culture that has been created to ensure students have the best experience possible is unmatched in our industry; and it’s awesome to have a hand in making someone’s dreams become reality.”

Cicely Mack 1

Cicely Mack

Accounting Specialist

(803) 701-1006

Cicely grew up in Chester, SC where she felt like she never really quite fit in. She was a single mom for eight years and spent many years working in accounting and collections for various companies trying to find where she belonged.  After two layoffs, she decided to return to college in hopes that continuing her education would lead to more success and increased stability.  She graduated in 2013 with an Associate’s degree in accounting. For several years, she was self employed specializing in marketing, which allowed her to work from home while raising her children.  She found that being home each day was not for her and that she wanted to utilize her degree in the accounting field, so she joined Larry’s team in March of 2016 providing support to the CFO.

Cicely currently resides in York, SC with her husband and their two children, Jordyn and Walker.  She is very focused, detail-oriented, and passionate about what she does. Cicely expressed how fortunate she is to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people at The Goins Group.  She wishes to combine her knowledge and experience to deliver the best performance to our team and continue to be the best that she can be at all things.

Kornelijus Vaitekunas 1

Kornelijus Vaitekunas

Customer Service Specialist

(803) 831-2464

Kornelijus was born in Siauliai, Lithuania, in September of 1993.  He moved to the United States in 2003 and lived in New York for a year before moving to Charlotte, NC. He began working with The Goins Group as an acquisitions manager at the age of 18. Today, he works at The Goins Group as a administrative assistant and customer service representative.  He handles customer inquiries, processes sales, ships products, and so much more.  Korn loves to meet new people and provide the best customer care possible which makes him a great fit for his position.

Cortney King 1

Cortney King

Senior Education Consultant

(803) 831-2271

Cortney was born on December 29 as a twin.  She grew up in Filbert, SC and relocated to Rock Hill, SC in high school.  She has one daughter, Kaitlin, who is her world.  Cortney has experienced tremendous loss in her life after losing her brother in a coal mining accident in 2010 and her father to cancer in 2014.  Her trials and tribulations have led to her increased strength and willingness to be the best in all that she does.

She joined The Goins Group in February 2016 where she found something she loves to do.  In the future, Cortney plans to own a beach property, retire at 50, and be debt free.

David Israel 1

David Israel

Senior Education Consultant  & Team Leader

(803) 831-2866

David was born on February 9  in Houston, TX.  In 2005, he moved to North Carolina and worked in the restaurant industry before working for a Medicaid/ Medicare HMO company where he was a resolution specialist.  He then moved to Lake Wylie where God lead him to joining The Goins Group January 2015.  He has since developed a love for real estate.  David has a passion for helping others and enjoys that he learns something new every single day at The Goins Group.  He enjoys traveling and feels like there is always a new place to explore.  David said. “I can honestly say that there is no way I could be a part of a greater group of people.”

Dean West 1

Dean West

Senior Education Consultant  

(803) 831-9909

Dean was born on August 10 in Gaffney, SC. He enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 17 where he served four years aboard the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.  He continued his education and received an Associate’s degree in Pre Liberal Arts.  Dean has been married since 1980, has three children; Deana, Joshua, and Caleb; and five grandchildren; Lucas, Alex, Callie, Ayden James, and Thomas.  Dean worked in the printing industry for 21 years before joining The Goins Group n June 2010 as a course consultant.  Dean said, “I truly enjoy speaking with people and doing my best to help them to prosper in the real estate business.”  He wishes to retire and live in the mountains and be a great memory to all he knows and loves.

James Rushing 1

James Rushing

Senior Education Consultant

(803) 831-2223

James was born February 4 in Darlington, SC and was raised in Hilton Head, SC. As a kid, he used to dive into alligator infested golf course lagoons to find golf balls that he would resell.  He grew up with three brothers and one sister.  James obtained a degree in Nuclear Engineering Degree from the United States Air Force and the University of Florida. He spent six years in the Air Force building and maintaining nuclear missiles and bombs.  James moved to Charlotte in 1997, loves being in the area, and especially loves being only three hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains. He has two children, Kaitlyn and Jordan, who mean the world to him. James said, “I love working for Larry.  The Goins Group is like a family that really cares about the people they work with and people they help.”  He plans to retire at 50 and see the world.

Ron Devine 2

Ron Devine

Senior Education Consultant & Team Leader

(803) 831-9908

Ron was born in Brighton, MA on September 7.  In 2002, he moved to Costa Rica where he got married and had two beautiful children, Kayden and Faith. While in Costa Rica, God opened the doors for him to start his real estate investing career.  He has been able to travel around the world and work for some of the largest companies in the world.  After a divorce and a four year retirement, he aligned himself with Larry.

Ron’s love for real estate, strong beliefs, work ethic, and willingness to help others achieve financial independence have afforded him the ability to have contacts worldwide.  This is one reason he feels such a strong connection to Larry. When asked why he works for The Goins Group, he shared, “I believe in working for a company with strong ethics that really cares for their students, and The Goins Group is the full package. We are truly helping others while empowering them to change their lives.” Some of Ron’s passions are spending time with his children, traveling, and relaxing in cottages on mountain tops.  He still has a home in Costa Rica and visits yearly for a time of peace and tranquility.

Alyssa Koester 1

Alyssa Koester

Closing Coordinator

(803) 701-1011

Alyssa has loved all things real estate since she was ten years old when she started sketching house designs on whatever scrap paper was nearby. By the time she was 20, she was studying real estate investing through books, weekend seminars, and mentors. She started working on wholesale deals while focusing most of her energy on her job.  Alyssa spent four years between a start-up advertising platform and global information technology services company. She excelled in her roles at each company but quickly got tired of the daily grind. The impact of her role didn’t excite her, and her position did not allow or inspire her to create so she started investing and ventured out on her own.

Alyssa connected with Larry through Metrolina REIA in 2015; and in August of that year, she started working for Neighborhood Housing Group. She is thrilled that she can continue restoring properties through her own business while working with the NHG team to help people buy their first home when they never thought it would be possible.

Paul Olson 1

Paul Olson

Relational Technologist

(803) 831-2312

Paul is a technology enthusiast.  He loves how technology, when used properly, brings better, faster, and more precise communication to collaborative projects.  He is originally from Texas but moved to the Carolinas to attend Morningstar School of Ministry in 2002 where he met his beautiful wife, Jessica.  He has three amazing children, and he loves the outdoors, exercising, and traveling to Europe.  Paul currently oversees our online marketing for Neighborhood Housing Group, which includes lead generation of properties, creating and managing systems to automate and track all offers, and more. In his position, he is always striving to find new ways and systems for people to be able to better interact through technology.