A “Lead Swap” is a technique The Goins Group uses where we mail our list an offer on behalf of a partner of ours; and that partner, in turn, mails their list an offer of ours on our behalf.  The offer is some type of freebie in order to gain marketable opt-ins.

The platform(s) you’ll be using are: Infusionsoft

In order to complete this task you’ll need:

  1. E-mail copy to send to our list – this is typically provided by the JV Partner.  You’ll just edit the E-mail to sound a little more like Larry speaking.
  2. JV Partner’s link – you’ll need this to insert in the E-mail we’re sending on their behalf to our list.
  3. E-mail copy for JV Partner – this is the E-mail copy we’re sending to the JV Partner for them to mail their list on our behalf.  They’ll probably edit the E-mail so it sounds like them speaking.
  4. Trackable Link – This link is created in ClickMagick and is the link we’ll send to this JV Partner to include in the E-mail they’re sending on our behalf.
  5. Calendar Info – You’ll need the dates for when to send these E-mails.  The time to send is going to typically be 9am, 12pm, 7pm.  Those are the 3 best times to send an E-mail, but testing other times is always welcomed if you’re analyzing those analytics.