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  • MARCH 17th (8am - 6pm)
  • MARCH 18th (8am - 5pm)
  • MARCH 19th (8am - 4pm)

*Current Students* Call 803-831-2858 for discounted pricing...

What if you could spend three FULL sessions behind closed doors with my team and I, personally teaching you EXACTLY how we buy and sell 5... 10... Even 15 houses per month.

What if you learned how to earn more money by learning to use the same strategies my team and I use in this market.

Call 803-831-2858 for more details...

Larry Goins

Here's a sample of just some of the powerful topics my team and I will be covering...

  • How I buy and sell 10-20 houses a month and spend less than 3 hours a week in the business.
  • How to recruit, train, motivate and manage a team to run the business for you and pay them all only when they close deals.
  • How to get started or take it to the next level without any of your own cash.
  • How I use a simple spreadsheet to tell me exactly what properties to make offers on.
  • How I buy HUD houses at prices not even Realtors can get them for.
  • The one thing you must say to your agent when trying to find the TRUE value of a property.
  • Why most investors can’t buy at prices my team can and why.
  • How to find the right agent who will work very hard for you.
  • How to know exactly how much work a property will need without ever looking at it.
  • How to build a huge list of motivated cash buyers. (it’s not what you think)
  • Why I am buying and selling more houses than I have ever done in this market, and you can too.
  • How you can get started right now regardless of how little time you have.
  • How you can personally work with my team and I doing deals with us.
  • How to find un-advertised properties.
  • How we make 2000-3000 offers a week on auto pilot!
  • When is the exact best time to make your HUD offers!
  • How to get more HUD offers accepted than your competition!
  • How to get the HUD asset managers on YOUR side!
  • The single most important thing about buying HUD houses to become successful!
  • What is the one thing you NEVER do if you want to get your HUD offers accepted!
  • Who is in charge of your offer being accepted and how to get them on your team!
  • How to do your due diligence BEFORE committing to the property!
  • How to get HUD offers accepted long after you made the bid!
  • Where is the best place to buy HUD houses!
  • How to find the best places to buy HUD houses!
  • How to make 7 offers a minute on HUD houses without lifting a finger!
  • How to find the BEST HUD Realtor!
  • 3 things you MUST do if you want to be successful buying HUD houses!
  • How to get Realtors to buy your HUD houses!
  • How to get Realtors to sell your deep discounted HUD houses the same day you buy them!
  • Why you don’t have to worry about the competition when buying HUD houses!
  • The best day of the week to make HUD bids!
  • The best time of the month to make HUD bids!
  • The best time of the year to make HUD bids!

And much MUCH more...

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