"One-of-a-Kind Real Estate University Type Education,
Not Found Anywhere Else For Pennies a Day!"

This Membership Club is unlike anything you have seen before! Read everything to discover your Secret Weapon for Real Estate Success!


Video Archive 1 ($150 Value)
Back to the Basics Bootcamp

  • This was a one-day event where we went all over the basics of real estate investing. You get tons of great information to help you become profitable faster!
  • Not only do you get the audio that goes with this, but you also get the manual as well.  By the way, all of the attendees actually paid $97 to attend this event.
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Video Archive #2 ($1,000 Value)
Rehab Bus Tour Complete Video Course

  • We have sold this for as high as $3,000.  This was an all-day event where we took a bus full of students and visited our properties and some students' properties.
  • You get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly…what was paid for it, the amount of repairs, and much more!
  • After watching these complete videos, you will never look at another rehab property the same...
  • Watch as we drill the owners to uncover what they paid, what they rehabbed and why, the ups and downs that they experienced during the process, their challenges and triumphs and discover exactly how much profit they made!
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Video Archive #3 ($1,500 Value)
Dream Big and Wake Up Wealthy Live Event

  • This is “6-Days of Live Training”…this is the mack-daddy here. It’s actually 2 events, which consist of 3 days each event.
  • At this closed door event, taught by our team, attendees mastered... almost every topic you can think of in real estate.

    In fact, all the attendees actually paid $1,500 to attend this closed door event, but it’s all part of The Coaching Club membership now!

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Media Archive #4 ($485 Value)
Five Years of Investor Palooza Audio and Video

  • Once a year we do an event called “Investor Palooza.”  For 3 full days we bring in 12 of the top national trainers, authors, speakers and they teach you their strategies.
  • Now you get access to 5 years of Investor Palooza when you join today.  You get to hear from many, many, many different national trainers and authors.  It’s a $485 value…you get it absolutely FREE as a member of The Coaching Club.
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Media Archive #5 ($2,500 Value)
3 Days of Advanced Training Taught by Me

  • What if you could spend 3 full days behind closed doors with Larry and our team, personally teaching you exactly how we buy & sell 5 - 10, even 15 houses a month AND how to earn more money on a $5,000 house that no one else wants...even in today's markets!
    Well, you are in luck because multiple 3 day events come with your Coaching Club Membership. 
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Save 50% Over Monthly - Today Only $297


If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE so you can excel in real estate even faster.

bonus1 bullet

Come to One of My Live Training Events

Yes, we give you access on the members site to previously recorded boot camp events, but the age of Larry's boot camps is over. We've recently completely revamped our live events with an entire new format and topics.

So, we're going to provide you with two (2) tickets to see Larry and our team live! Don't miss this chance to see us live, talk to Larry and our team and learn about the latest challenges and successes we are facing in the industry in today's markets.

$1,497 Bonus (x2)

bonus2 bullet

Get a New Training CD Mailed to You Every Month!

Every single month you’re going get a CD in the mail. Most of the time it’s taught by Larry, but occasionally he’ll interview one of our team members or one of his friends that's in real estate to help teach you their strategies. This is to keep you up to date on what’s working right now in today’s market.

That is a $49 value alone, however, in addition to that, you’re going get all the archives of the CD of the month…every single month we've sent out. So don’t worry that you’re just now getting on board, it’s ok, you get the archives.

$49 Bonus (Monthly)

bonus3 bullet

Dozens Of Editable Forms, Documents,
Contracts, Leases, Options, Agreements,
Spreadsheets And More!

You’re going to get hundreds of editable forms and documents. This alone is worth the membership price for several years.

You get forms and documents for buying, selling, raising private money, lease option, subject-to, short sales, land-lording, property management  and much more. There are leases, options, spreadsheets, forms and documents for just about any real estate situation, and they’re all editable

$500 Bonus (but really priceless)

bonus4 bullet

Special Event Video - Club Palooza

If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews between the ages of 13-20...then you must sign up if just for this alone!

At Investor Palooza I do an event called “Club Palooza,” and that’s where you can bring your teenager to learn all about finances.  It is three days of basic financial training for teens.

They don't teach this stuff in school! But, you can find it on The Coaching Club.

$500 Bonus

bonus5 bullet

You Also Get Access to Training Webinars and Teleconferences!

You may already know that we frequently do training webinars where Larry teaches different techniques and strategies of what’s working now, what we’re doing, how we are adapting to the market, and more.  Larry also discusses problems and challenges we run into and how we are overcoming them.

Most of our previously recorded training webinars AND teleconferences are archived in The Coaching Club for members only.

So, not only do you get the training webinars that you can watch live, but if you can’t watch them live, you can simply log into The Coaching Club and search for any topic, then watch any archived webinar at your leisure.

$500 Bonus

bonus6 bullet

FREE Software To Analyze Your Deals, Find Vacant Owners, Get Instant Values And More!

We have several nice little tools in the form of software applications that have been a huge help in our real estate business. You’re going to get software to help you analyze a deal in 2 seconds flat!

You will also gain access to our Filthy Riches analyzer where you will be able to tell exactly how much you will make on a Filthy Riches property before you ever make a offer on it.

$200 Bonus

bonus6 bullet

FREE “Members Only” Personal Support  From Larry and Our Professional Real Estate Team

If you promise to send us a testimonial after your first deal, we will personally answer your questions, support you, and provide the solution to any challenge you face, as long as you are an active member!

All we ask is that you send your questions by email first. If we can't answer your question or solve your problem by email, someone on our team will call you... fair enough?

This is the only way we can waive the cost of thousands of dollars worth of support for as long as you are a member. Of course, you can email your questions 24 hours per day.

And remember: even if an obstacle seems 'big' to you, we've probably faced it many times, so we can usually solve it in minutes.


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