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For the next hour, best sell real estate investing author Larry Goins & Co-Host Kandas, will show you the many ways real estate creates the I.D.E.A.L. investment. Whether you want to Flip houses or become a passive investor making double-digit returns while others do all the work. You will learn how here on BRAG Radio.

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Five Steps to Get Your First Deal in the Next 30 Days


In today's show, Larry and Kandas talked about the specific steps you can follow to score your first deal. While they primarily tackled wholesaling, they also shared some beneficial resources you can make use of. Listen and learn more!


  • Two quickest methods for Larry:
  • - Wholesaling
  • - Seller-financing
  • Using other people's money to get started
  • 5 steps:
  • #1 To Analyze a deal
  • - Take the ARV (After Repair Value)
  • #2 Funding
  • - Line up some money.
  • - Doing assignments
  • - Options
  • - Assignment of beneficial interest using a trust
  • - Create LLC
  • - Private money
  • - Using RIA
  • #3 Marketing
  • - Run some ads on Craigslist
  • - Put up bandit signs
  • - Do direct mail with post cards
  • - Flyers
  • #4 Making offers
  • - Make your offer in your first phone call.
  • - Sign up for email notifications with realtors.
  • - Have the realtors make offers for you.
  • - Use written offers
  • - Have your VAs submit offers
  • #5 Sell the property fast
  • - Build your buyers list


  • "Get pass the fear factor and you got to be ready to move forward."
  • "It's very important that your first deal is a home run."
  • "If you're not embarrassed by your offer, it's probably too much."
  • "You buy houses. You don't get sold houses."
  • "You tell them what you can pay."