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Things You Should Know Before Investing In Multifamily with Randy Lawrence


In this episode, Larry invited Randy Lawrence, a fellow mastermind member, to talk about multifamily. Randy has been doing real estate for 15 years and he first started doing small multifamilies. He also got into flipping.

Randy is an indomitable entrepreneur with over 24 years of experience and four successful real estate investment companies. He is also a pastor and the founder of multiple life-changing ministries that has impacted over 40,000 people in the last 15 years. He has been featured in the St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune as well as on CBN, NBC, and CTN as the “Transformation Expert.”

In today’s show, they discussed having the right mindset, generating leads, and finding deals.


  • Randy's background
  • On being a real estate investor and pastor
  • On having the right mindset
  • Business transitions when the market changes
  • Generating leads for single family
  • Doing Bandit signs
  • What his team looks like
  • His multifamily business
  • How his team operates
  • Lenders they are working with
  • On having the right management company
  • Two components of multifamily:
  • - acquisition
  • - management of the ongoing operation
  • On having the right people in the team
  • Due diligence
  • Finding deals
  • How he structures his deals
  • His podcast


  • “You need to be comfortable being uncomfortable to advance forward.”
  • “Business just like life has seasons.”
  • “Anything successful that you do is going to require work.”