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Virtual Wholesaling with Roman Shersher


In today's show, Larry invited a good friend and a fellow Collective Genius member, Roman Shersher. Roman is a licensed Real estate broker in the State of California. He has been full-time in real estate investing since 2007.

In this episode, Roman talked about the different markets and some of his marketing strategies. He also shared their business process model and a lot more.


  • Who Roman Shersher is
  • His first property under contract
  • The type of analysis he did to identify the right markets
  • What he does in Jacksonville
  • Shortage of good contractors
  • Their marketing strategy
  • List that works for him and his team
  • The kind of volume they are doing
  • His average profit on a deal
  • Their business process model
  • His acquisition guy and being virtual
  • Words of advice for people who are starting out, scaling up, and those who want to venture into other markets


  • "You cannot copy everything that you have in your local market and another market."
  • "Good contractors are hard to find right now."
  • "The key to marketing and the key to a consistent business is consistency in your market."
  • "Time is our true enemy and could be in our corner as well if you use it wisely."
  • "The hardest list to get are often the best ones to market to."
  • "...because you never know when you're gonna hit that person at the right time. It's not just about making the right offer, it's the right timing on their end."
  • "If you have to give up a piece of the equity, do it."
  • "Don't think that every market is similar."