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Owning Your Mistakes and Becoming Successful in Real Estate with Jim Zaspel


In today's show, Larry had a chat with a good long-time friend who is also a successful real estate doer, mover, and shaker—Jim Zaspel. Jim shared the ups and downs he experienced while doing real estate investing, how he took responsibility for his mistakes, and how he bounced back and pushed forward.

In this episode, you will also learn how taking responsibility for your own mistakes can help you take control and succeed in life. Don't miss this episode!


  • How they got to know each other
  • Jim's background
  • The kind of real estate Jim is doing
  • How he got started in real estate
  • What made him do mostly fix and flips and only a few wholesale deals
  • How he found ways to pay the people he owed money from
  • What he learned from the challenges he faced
  • Turning point of his career
  • What his motivations are
  • His favorite books
  • How he generates deals
  • What his business set up looks like
  • His advice to those who are getting started


  • "When you take responsibility for your mistakes, you put control over success back in your own hands and not somebody else’s."
  • "Desperate people do desperate things."
  • “When doing real estate deals, the building block is marketing."