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Managing Your Team Virtually with Alex Pardo

In today's episode, Larry talked with Alex Pardo about his business—how he runs it, how he manages his team virtually, and how he gets good deals. So many beneficial information and insights in this episode so don’t miss it!

  • Alex's background
  • What his business looks like today
  • How he runs his business
  • Their ROI when they spend $3, 500 on direct mail
  • Having an assistant that is not in his office
  • The number of leads his acquisition manager has to run to get a deal
  • Price range of most of his deals
  • His typical buyers
  • How he compensates the different people who works for him
  • Where he gets his list
  • His own criteria when he goes to look for lists

    • "The key with anything is you got to be consistent."
    • "We believe that if we can get face-to-face with the seller, we can bridge the gap between where they're at and where they want to go."
    • "Focus on consistency."