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Funding Deals and Managing Ads with Forrest McGhee

In today's episode, Larry talked with Forrest McGhee—an Inner Circle student. Forrest shared how he applied the things he learned as a student in his business. They also talked about ways of funding deals, managing ads, and a lot more.


  • How Forrest started in real estate investing
  • What market he is in
  • How Larry and Forrest met
  • The huge part his wife plays in his business
  • Leveraging connections in real estate investing to start his wife's own staging company
  • About his business
  • Recent deal he had
  • How he is funding his deals
  • Using IRA money
  • Finding private money
  • 2 things you need to have to make money in real estate: - Money - Deal flow
  • Marketing in Craigslist
  • Managing your ads in Craigslist
  • How being a former contractor helped in real estate investing
  • Tips to non-contractor investors
  • Generating traffic organically through his website
  • Advice to other investors

    • "When deals are right, they are right. When they're wrong, you can do all the talking in the world but it's not going to save a bad deal."
    • "You can't say the wrong thing to the right person."
    • "IRA money is less emotional to people."