Who is Larry Goins? An Insider’s Perspective

You might have wondered who is the real Larry Goins? Not the Larry Goins that speaks from the stage on Real Estate Investing but the REAL Larry Goins. The man that family and co-workers see on a daily basis.

As Larry’s right hand “man” for most of the last 12 years, I thought I knew him pretty well until a few weeks ago. What happened a few weeks ago? Well, I detached myself from my job and became the student. I immersed myself in one of our Inner Circle programs and went through the entire week as a full on student. I gotta say….it was surprisingly enlightening. I saw for the first time through a different set of eyes. I saw his passion for teaching in all its glory.

It got me thinking. How did I miss this for so long? How do others here in the office see him? Had I been so immersed in the day to day business “to do” lists that I failed to see what he was actually contributing to the world? Had I really got

Event Mindset

Nathan Amaral joins Larry to talk about event mindset. What do you need to know to get the most out of attending a live event?

Networking just may be the most valuable portion of any event. The value from the relationships started in many cases eclipses the cost of attending the event to begin with.

So how do you prepare for your next event? How do you make sure you create business connections that will turn into joint ventures or partnerships? Find out in the video.

Find out more about Nothing But HUD.

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Putting on the Blinders

Nathan Amaral joins Larry to talk about . Nathan is a personal development speaker and trainer. They talk about focus and clarity, and how you need to hunker down and focus on one strategy.

Here are a few tips to keep your mind fresh and focused.

  1. Each week take one day completely off.
  2. Plan a family fun day.  Invest time with your family.
  3. Ask more out of your life.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Find one thing that makes your day better.

Watch the video now to find out more…

Your Content Bonus – Putting on the Blinders

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Challenges Facing Investors – Fear

Larry and Randolph Cunningham go in depth on fear and its impact on investing.

What is fear in your business? Stagnation. The inability to move forward.


So how do you cope with fear trying to creep into your business?

Your Content Bonus – Three Types of Fear

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Three Biggest Obstacles Part 3 – Fear

Why are most new real estate investors afraid to make offers?  Because they are scared of what will happen in the seller says “yes”.

But, you can’t earn money in real estate without making offers, you just can’t.  Deals don’t just fall out of the sky, though it would be cooler if they did.

In part 3 of The Biggest Obstacles Investors Face, Larry and Randolph Cunningham talk about overcoming fear on your way to success in real estate.



See the other biggest obstacles for real estate investors:

Making the best….

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Case in point, I was supposed to do some training with my team. I wanted to show them better ways of helping people with our programs and opportunities. I was rearing to go. This was something I had been looking forward to all week.

Helping people with our programs and curriculum is the reason I started this company. When these rare opportunities come up, I’m in my element. I did the research, I knew the numbers, I was in the zone. And then, when I was poised to jump into this situation….I got the voicemail. The dreaded voicemail. For some reason, when we get sent to voicemail, we want to stop. The odds are no longer in our favor. We don’t have the upper hand. We are not in control. But even in those moments, there are lessons to be learned. You can still make the best of a not-so-great situation.

Instead of just going through the motions, persevere and power through. I showed my team that today. I left the best message I could. The kind of message, that I hoped anyway, would entice someone to call back. There is never any shame in doing the best you can in a bad situation. Even if nothing comes of it. Even if you fail. You did your best. But sometimes it works out. I left a message, and about 40 minutes later, someone called back. We were able to put a plan in motion, and help this person out of a tough situation. We made a difference in their life, all because of a voicemail message. So even if you run into a problem, even if you hit a snag, even if there is something that disrupts what should’ve been a slam dunk, make the best of your situation. Because you may be what can make a difference.


Change is inevitable.  That’s a very common phrase, and generally true.  I can’t think of a single area of my life that hasn’t experienced change …