Where To Find Filthy Riches Homes

Larry Goins here and I have spent years perfecting my Filthy Riches model to real estate. If you haven’t heard about my Filthy Riches model, it is all about making more money on a run down $5,000 – $10,000 house no one else wants than most investors make on a $100,000 house…Guaranteed!

Yes, believe it or not, you can pick up a great deal on a $5,000 – $10,000 house and sell it for 3-6 times what you paid for it with no buyer’s list. More about the model later. But where are the properties that I target to generate so much personal income?

The houses in this program are low-income, distressed properties that no one else wants, just not the “dog with fleas” homes. They will need some work before moving in, they just aren’t going to be in too bad of shape. The idea here is you want fixer uppers, not blower uppers. Something that is either livable or close to livable.

These homes might have been on the market for a while for real

Building Passive Income – The Buy Side

Randolph Cunningham joins Larry Goins to talk about locating properties that are good for building passive income from your real estate investments. Topics include what types of properties to look for, what sources you can use to buy the property, as well as how to structure the deal for passive income generation.

You’ll find out about buying with cash, using terms and a lot more information on building passive income by real estate investing.

Your Content Bonus – Listing Agent Questionnaire

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Using Bing and Google Maps

Another day, another training video by Paul Olson of Investors Rehab.  In this video, he shows you how to use bing and google maps to scout out the area in and around a potential investment property.  Investors Rehab uses this a lot as part of their initial due diligence.

Take a minute and learn some of the tips to use the software, plus how you can get a street level view of the area of your investment.  Find out what Paul looks for, not just in the home, but in the neighborhood around the home, that gives him some clues on whether or not he should continue the due diligence process on the property.


Investment Property Physical Tour

Ever wondered how to quantify what needs to be done to rehab an investment property?  In this training video, Wendy Sweet of Carolina Hard Money does a physical home walk through of a property with a group of Inner Circle students.

Wendy goes in depth on exactly what to look for and how to remedy it.  Roofing, siding, windows, walls, she does it all, and has an eye for things that only years of experience can provide.  The video is filled with questions from investors and is filled with tidbits of information valuable to the real estate investor.

Online Property Walk Through

What do we look for when we scout properties online? In this short training video, Paul Olson of Investors Rehab walks you through how we use online property sites to start an evaluation of a potential deal.

As you may already know, in the digital world, we rely a lot on the internet to find and scout investment properties.  This video uses one of the sites we rely on a lot for that, Zillow.  Zillow contains a lot of information about prospective properties, and also sometimes it will even have photos that are not in the MLS listing.

Paul will show you how we pick apart this information, especially from the provided photos, to aid us in forming an opinion on whether a property is one that we might be able to make money on.